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My 30 day Song Challenge. Date start: 25th of june 2011.

 30 Day Song Challenge Now this the kind of rule i’ll have on my 30 day song                                           challenge. All songs i love. And crave. Lets see how                                           this turns out. Start date: 25th of June 2011.

30 Day Song ChallengeRules

  • Day 01 - A song i’ll start the day with.

    Day 02 - A song i paint my nails to.
    Day 03 - A song that i have been repeating for the  past 2 weeks.
  • Day 04 - A song i’ll play at my wedding.
    Day 05 - A song that Annoys me cause a friend used to play it all the time.
    Day 06 - A song that i’ll fuck to.
    Day 07 - A song that makes me say “SLUT” 
    Day 08 - A song that makes me feel fly cuz i know all the words to it.
    Day 09 - A song i would play at a Women’s convention/Cancer fundraiser.
    Day 10 - A song that i would play when i take the first bus home from a big night. 
    Day 11-  A song for when i’m pulling a cone 
    Day 12 - A song from one of my favorite guitarist. 
    Day 13 - A song that i would rage to.
    Day 14 - A song that made me go WOW the first time i heard it. 
    Day 15 - A song that makes me wanna go to the clubs. 
    Day 16 - The song Ambassador of my pill popping highs.
    Day 17 - A song that Cracks me Up!
    Day 18 - A song i wish to play at my Funeral.
    Day 19 - A Sublime song that makes me go crazy.
    Day 20 - A song i wanna play on the drums. 
    Day 21 - A that reminds me of My Best friend.
    Day 22 - The song that Creaps me the fuck out.
    Day 23 - A song that reminds me of my mother.
    Day 24 - The song i would play in my horror movie.
    Day 25 - A dardy beat
    Day 26 - A song i would grind to at a party.
    Day 27 - The song i would never get sick of.
    Day 28 - My Daddy issue song.
    Day 29 - A song i would pull out a gun to just to blow your head off. 
    Day 30 - The song that explains myself.